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Sexy Florida mermaid fights ‘no-fin’ rule

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Even if you are blessed enough to live in Florida, you don’t see mermaids everyday.

Jenna Conti claims nothing but good comes by wearing her custom made, soft silicon mermaid suit.

But Monday, Fishhawk Ranch community board voted she can’t wear her outfit in the pools of the Western Florida community where she lives.

“We just wanted to show some magic here in Fishhawk, that’s all,” Conti said. “It makes me feel amazing. It makes children smile. It makes parents smile. It makes everybody happy. . .  an awesome thing. You don’t expect to see a mermaid at the pool.”

Community Board Chair Terrie Morrison pointed out that rules are rules and the Community Development District implements a “no fin” policy because of safety concerns.

But there are no safety issues said Conti, who calls herself  “Eden Sirene” and hopes to land a job swimming underwater at the Florida Aquarium one day.

“This can’t come flinging off in a pool like a swim fin could, and it’s not made of a hard plastic,” she told board members, as she passed her suit around for them to touch.

“We love what she trying to do, to be appealing to children and do something good for the community. We love her intentions — it’s simply that it violates rules against fins and artificial equipment in the pool,” Morrison said.

According to news reports, Conti was told if she paid to have a private event at the pool she could wear her fins but otherwise she is not allowed. She is asking the board to reconsider its vote to ban her and has started a Facebook page to gather support.

I want to make a guarantee .. I’m not leaving kids !! Little Mers pirates sailors dreamers and little fishes … I have not been scared away and we will have our adventures and swim soon ! Hang in there I am working things out …. Promise

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