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Angry mob blocks child from getting to hospital, surrounds vehicle

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protester-grandmaDemonstrators protesting the George Zimmerman verdict terrified a Houston, Texas grandmother when they prevented her from taking her ailing granddaughter to the hospital.

Georgia, who asked that her last name not be used, was proceeding on the highway in her SUV, together with her daughter and grandchild, when they came upon a section that was blocked by protesters, according to Fox News Radio.

“When we first drove up I thought it was a wreck,” said Georgia. “When we got closer, I realized all these protesters were everywhere. They weren’t letting us through.”

Although there were hundreds of protesters, there wasn’t a cop to be found.

“I rolled down the window and explained that we were trying to get to the hospital because my seven-year-old granddaughter was sick,” she said. “He motioned them to let us through.”

But when the family proceeded onto where indicated, the crowd surrounded the vehicle and things turned violent.

“They were screaming and chanting,” Georgia told Fox. “They jumped in front of us and surround the SUV. I screamed back that we were just trying to get to the hospital.”

Eventually, someone grabbed Georgia’s arm and punched her in the head. At that point her daughter, who was behind the wheel, accelerated. When they were safely away, they called 911.

“They said they would send a patrol car,” Georgia said. “I said, we need an Army, not a patrol car. There were hundreds of people on the freeway.”

The experience left Georgia shaken to the point where she’s considering purchasing a firearm.

“I’ve never had one but you never know when you’re going to need it,” she said.

Video courtesy of CBS Click2Houston.

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