Zimmerman supported Obama, stood up for blacks


It turns out that the recently-acquitted yet much-maligned George Zimmerman was a friend to black America, having tutored black youths, stood up for homeless blacks and, yes, even supported Barack Obama, the black nominee for president, according to his friends.

I would wager that few, if any, of the protesters, pundits, politicians and public figures who’ve been excoriating Zimmerman since his acquittal didn’t bother watching the trial from beginning to end. So their opinions are based solely on second-, third- or fourth-hand information — if any information at all.

Before the fringe media, fringe politicians and just plain fringe drag Zimmerman from his home and place his head on the chopping block, there are a few things they should be made aware of.

First of all, the FBI investigated him for evidence of a hate crime shortly after the shooting. They came up bupkis, and for good reason. Zimmerman is no racist.

“The person they are talking about is somebody completely different,” friend John Donnelly quoted Zimmerman as telling him recently, according to the San Jose (Calif.) Mercury News. “Sometimes I have to go look at a mirror. They are talking about a totally different human being. They are talking about a racist. I’m not a racist.”

Donnelly said Zimmerman is anything but a racist.

“He’s been mentoring young black kids for years, he launched a campaign to help a homeless black man who was beaten up by a white kid, and he still just can’t believe all the things that have been said about him in the media,” Donnelly told the Mercury News.

Furthermore, there’s nothing about this information that’s new. Breitbart News reported in February:

Not only was Zimmerman not a racist – he had a black business partner, has Afro-Peruvian roots, and helped out underprivileged black kids in his neighborhood – he also was a supporter of the very president who would later slander him by innuendo.

As Robert, George’s brother, told me, George is “a registered Democrat. He registered as a Hispanic. He kind of did some internal family campaigning for Obama.”

Attorney General Eric Holder promised the NAACP Tuesday at its Orlando convention that the Department of Justice would continue to investigate Zimmerman for possible violations of federal hate crimes. Good luck with that one.

Shortly after Holder was sworn in as attorney general, he referred to America as a “nation of cowards.” If he ever hopes to exempt himself from that characterization, he should manage enough courage to tell the nation the truth — that there’s nothing to investigate in Zimmerman. He should announce that there’s no racism, no hatred, no animosity and everyone should just go on with their lives.

He should also point out that if there is any racism, it’s coming from the protesters, pundits, politicians and public figures themselves. The verdict is merely an excuse to spew their own bile and venom.

That’s what he should do — but he won’t. He doesn’t have the courage, and he may even have some of that racism, hatred and animosity nestled deep within his own heart.

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9 thoughts on “Zimmerman supported Obama, stood up for blacks

  1. binky354 says:

    Some of us have worked really hard trying to tell America what this President and his administration are all about. I guess all the kool-aid drinkers have to learn the hard way that it's poisoned water, the way George Zimmerman and his family have had to find out.

  2. ironhead says:

    oh this is just to good,1st paula dean and now zimmerman boy u other white and latinos who supported pres better watch your step i see a trend here lmao

  3. crystalballs says:

    This stupid article is what is commonly known as the “some of my best friends are black!” defense of institutional racism. Duh.

  4. crystalballs says:

    P.S. John Donnelly violated the court’s sequester rule, barring witnesses from the trial prior to testifying so that their testimony could not be tailored to fit the unfolding case. The ridiculous juror B37 said that Donnelly’s testimony was very convincing to her — leaving a very big opening for an appeal. You loons will never learn.

    1. CarolineJenkins says:

      The state doesn’t get to appeal.

    2. Carolyn Slavey says:

      speaking of a loon Crystalballs…. i think you need to watch more trials because the state was not on trial here although they should have been …so they dont get no second chance no appeal process for them… And maybe after this Witch hunt is over everyone one will see that this president is nothing more than a community organizer and a racist…… so him and all his goons need to clean up their messes and move on and you crystalballs need to learn the court system……… stupidity does not give one a free pass in life

      1. crystalballs says:

        Poor Carolyn. The voice of illiteracy.

        1. Carolyn Slavey says:

          Crystal balls you need to take your racism elsewhere…. it amazes me how you phew your venom and don’t really know a damn thing…. your one of those idiots that believe everything the bias media tells you to believe…. Oh yes i am sure you believe that zimmerman put those gouges in his own head and broke his own nose….. well i have news for you ……….. wait and watch because Zimmerman has filed suit against the news media for doctoring up the 911 call and the pictures….. Its sad that people like you have no direction and have to be guided with lies and half truths…. Its amazing you call us racist when if you look at it we dont hold rallies … we dont go tearing up peoples business etc… I think what needs to be addressed her is not just this Trayvon case because I believe he was a thug looking for trouble and he found it …… But what needs to be looked at is all the black on black crimes and the gangs not just this…. Because this is just an excuse for the haters to wave their Racist flag and get some attention……….. Time to be educated as to the truth here not some smoke screen………….

  5. Poolala says:

    Zimmerman is the target of racism, not the proponent. I’m surprised the anti Semites haven’t crawled out of the woodwork because his surname sounds Jewish. Just for the record, he isn’t Jewish, but that’s about the only thing the poor man hasn’t been wrongly “accused” of. How about accepting reality and responsibility and letting the man, his family and legal team get on with their lives….something some groups seem to find impossible to do.

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