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Prosecutor Angela Corey tells CNN Zimmerman is a ‘murderer’

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Two days after the jury in People vs. Zimmerman announced that the defendant was not guilty of any of the crimes he was charged with, the lead prosecutor in the case called him a “murderer.”

CNN Headline News host Vinnie Politan likes to ask his guests to describe someone or some thing in one word. It was no different Monday night when he invited the Zimmerman prosecution team to describe the defendant.

“One word to describe George Zimmerman,” Politan asked.

After a 12-second pause, State Attorney Angela Corey gave him that one word — “Murderer.”

As an attorney who is supposed to follow a code of professional responsibility — the rules of legal ethics — she should know better.

The truth is, it’s the jury’s function to decide whether a defendant in a murder trial is a murderer or not. In this case, the jury declined, because the evidence just wasn’t there.

To reject the verdict out of hand is a slap in the face to the jury, a rejection of the rule of law and a denial of reality. She may disagree with the jury, but at the same time, she should respect it.


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