‘Wanted dead or alive’ T-shirts selling at LA riots

Two days after a jury rendered its verdict in central Florida’s Zimmerman case, passions continue to run wild, especially in the black communities. Those passions are being fueled by Attorney General Eric Holder claiming the Trayvon Martin shooting isn’t over yet despite the verdict, the NAACP’s demands and the opinions being rendered in the liberal media — especially MSNBC.

They all make the same claim — that the shooting was racially-motivated, despite the FBI’s opinion to the contrary after its own thorough investigation.

Gisela M. Perez, assignment editor at ABC-7 News, was on hand and tweeted the following observations:

Perez tweet 1

Perez tweet 2

Los Angeles Times investigative reporter Robert Lopez was also on hand, and made the following observations of rioting and police response:

But the most chilling thing was the imagery. Someone selling T-shirts depicting George Zimmerman’s face, with the inscription, “Wanted dead ot alive.” “Alive” has been crossed out.

LA Wanted T-shirt

It’s long past time for the media and this administration to put on their big-boy pants by announcing to the world that they accept the verdict and admonish everyone else to do the same. The whole thing is getting way out of hand.

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