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Trayvon protesters storm LA Wal-mart, city goes on alert

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As a second night of violent protests hit the Los Angeles area Monday in the aftermath of the George Zimmerman trial, there are reports that some of the protesters stormed a local Wal-mart.

As could be predicted, thugs and the criminally minded are looking to hijack the protests and take advantage of the emotion in the community for personal gain.

Some of the protesters made their way into the Wal-Mart as guards scrambled to close security gates, according to the Los Angeles Times. Police were quick to respond with officers wearing helmets and carrying batons, preventing wide scale looting.

As reported, smaller groups broke away from a larger protest and stomped on cars, broke windows, set fires and attacked several people, including one local TV reporter and his cameraman, according to law enforcement authorities.

Police estimated that about 150 people took part in the violence, the Times noted.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti blamed the violence on “a small group [that] has taken advantage of this situation,” and officials vowed to crack down on similar actions beginning Tuesday.

As the race hustlers and their accomplices in the media continue to inflame the situation, in spite of an FBI investigation that found no evidence of Zimmerman acting out of racial hatred, where are all the calls for calm?

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