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Marine who urinated on Taliban says hell yes, he’d do it again

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A member of the group of Marines who became part of a military scandal when video of them urinating on the bodies of dead Taliban soldiers went viral says the only regret he has about it is the fallout.

But does he regret actually doing it?

marinesurinating“Hell no,” Sgt. Joseph Chamblin told WSOC-TV in Charlotte, N.C., according to the Washington Times.

And he’d do it again, he said.

According to the Times, Chamblin pleaded guilty to dereliction of duty and was fined $500 and demoted for the incident, which took place a day after sniper team member Sgt. Mark Bradley was killed by a buried roadside bomb.

“We’re human,” Chamblin told the television station, according to the Times. “Who wouldn’t if you lost your brother or mother? Wouldn’t you want revenge?”

“These were the same guys that were killing our family, killing our brothers,” he said.

The incident became widely known when video of the Marines urinating on the corpse were uploaded onto YouTube. That, in turn, led to punishment for the Marines involved and raised fears of retaliation against American and allied forces by Afghan soldiers.

Nine Marines were court-martialed for the incident.

Chamblin was one of them, but, according to the Times, he said it was worth it to send a message to the Taliban that messing with the Marines was not a good plan for life – in this one or the next one “because if an infidel touches the body, they’re not going to Mecca or paradise.”.

“So now these insurgents, see what happens when you mess with us,” Chamblin said.

Chamblin, who said he plans to retire from the Corps in September and write a book about his experiences, said the American public needs to understand what it asks from the Marines. And should know what to expect for the Corps to deliver.

“Do you want the Marine Corps to be a group of Boy Scout pretty boys or do you want guys that will go out and kill the people trying to take advantage of your country and kill Americans?” he asked.

“Which do you want? Because you can’t have both.”


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