Trayvon protest in LA turns violent, police fire rubber bullets

LA-TrayvonUnruly demonstrators protesting George Zimmerman’s acquittal in the death of  Trayvon Martin reportedly shut down part of a freeway in Los Angeles Sunday night, with police eventually firing rubber bullets to disperse the crowd.

Around 200 people protesting the verdict marched onto eastbound Interstate 10 in Los Angeles, shutting down the freeway for better than 30 minutes and clashing with police, according to the local NBC affiliate.

NBC LA reported that protesters said the group was cleared from I-10 by about 7 p.m., when LAPD officers began firing rubber bullets. It was also reported that video shot by protesters showed police officers striking them with batons. There was at least one arrest on suspicion of throwing rocks and bottles at an officer.

The Los Angeles Times reported that authorities said some demonstrators threw rocks and D-cell batteries at police nearby. Police responded by firing bean bags at demonstrators and arresting at least four people.

Shamefully, the Huffington Post reported on the protests under the headline, “Los Angeles Trayvon Martin Protests, Mostly Peaceful, Reach Hollywood.”

While the article reported on the violence, it references “a Huff Po blogger” among the protestors who described the scene as peaceful and happy, and claimed that despite the fact that they were peaceful, police still shot rubber bullets into the crowd.

The Times added that about 80 protesters gathered in front of the CNN building in Hollywood just after midnight, chanting “No Justice, No Peace.” The gathering was declared an unlawful assembly by police and more than 100 officers in riot gear began making arrests and telling people to disperse.

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9 thoughts on “Trayvon protest in LA turns violent, police fire rubber bullets

  1. Marty Gavin says:

    Where is the concern for the children killed this opast weekend in Chicago…BENGHAZI, Fast & Furious.

  2. Deana Hadden says:

    What kind of people do this kind of thing? Normal people of sound mind do not act like this. Gather them up and put them in a mental hospital or a jail…this is not the way to conduct oneself….God help this world we live in because most have gone mad…

  3. Michael Nappi says:

    rubber bullets are expensive, use those hollow points HLS bought

  4. Diogenes says:

    The headline should read, "Over 300 Million Stay Home During Trayvon Martin Violent Rally."

  5. Asian guy says:

    Something wrong here…on a freeway? No KFCs or Popeyes here….

  6. Asian guy says:

    On a freeway? No KFCs or Popeyes …..someting wrong here……yippy kay yayyyyy homies!

  7. VietVet says:

    If they would have blocked my car, I would have run them over!!! Much like Kent State that stopped the demonstrations back then, the police or national guard need to sadly use some real bullets….that would stop any other idiotic demonstrations like this once word got out that they will no longer be tolerated.

  8. Alice says:

    A fast moving Chevy might work on some.

  9. The truth says:

    Why stop at rubber bullets? Break out the real ones and watch them scatter like good boys and girls. They want to act like animals then put them down humanely like one. I LOVE the above comment about a fast moving Chevy getting things moving.

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