Obamas barely unpacked, off to Martha’s Vineyard vacation

Obamas vacation
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The Obamas have returned to Washington from their trip to Africa, but they won’t be home long. The White House confirmed Friday that the first family will be traveling to Martha’s Vineyard early next month, according to the Boston Globe.

The president, along with first lady Michelle Obama, will arrive on Aug. 10 and plan to stay until Aug. 18. The White House did not disclose whether the couple’s two daughters would be joining them, but the Globe reported reported that they typically go with their parents to the vineyard. The Obamas’ arrival on the wealthy island will be their fourth visit since 2009. They missed a 2012 trip because of the presidential campaign.

Blue Heron Farm Marthas Vineyard
Blue Heron Farm, Photo credit: WHDH.com

The White House did not disclose where the Obamas will be staying. On previous trips, they rented a 28.5-acre estate called Blue Heron Farm, which was sold in December 2011 and is no longer available.

Some of the locals appear to be happy the first family is returning. Well, at least the business owners are. Plans are already in the works to buy a T-shirt at C’est la Vie and indulge in “Obamaritas” at Sharkey’s Cantina.

“We’re just pandering,” Sharkey’s owner JB Blau told the Globe. At least he’s honest.

Sean Federowicz, a real estate agent, told the Globe that the third week of August is the highest of high season, so there would be plenty to do, according to the Boston paper:

The Martha’s Vineyard Livestock Show and Fair, which Obama’s daughters have attended in the past, is Aug. 15-18. The Grand Illumination, an annual outdoor festival in Oak Bluffs, is slated for Aug. 14, and the Oak Bluffs annual fireworks show is scheduled for Aug. 16.

Harry Belafonte will be performing at an invitation only event at Dreamland theater on Aug 12, an event that’s being organized by Charles Ogletree, Obama’s former professor at Harvard Law School.

While Ogletree was with the Obamas at the White House Christmas party, he told the Globe he didn’t know if the presidential family would attend the Belafonte event.

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