Watch: Zimmerman’s reaction as verdict is read

It’s quite remarkable how George Zimmerman remained absolutely stoic as the jury verdict deciding the rest of his life was read aloud.

As the entire country held its collective breaths waiting to hear what the jury of six women had decided, Zimmerman sat, then stood, with the same outwardly calm demeanor he maintained throughout the entire trial.

Unlike OJ Simpson, who’s face crumbled and emotion poured forth upon hearing his not guilty verdict, Zimmerman didn’t even appear to exhale when the jury found him not guilty – a testament, in my opinion, to the excellent preparation by his attorneys.

For their part, there was silence from the spectators, including Trayvon Martin’s family, as well.

Were you as quiet and calm when you heard the verdict? Share your reaction with us in the comments section.

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Watch Zimmerman’s reaction to the jury verdict via Fox News:

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