‘Hang the jury’: Ugly threats keep Zimmerman jury in hiding

(Note: Tweets below contain language some might find objectionable.)

The six most wanted people in America today – by the media, and possibly some with more sinister motives – are likely to stay that way for a while, according to an ABC News report.

Jurors in the George Zimmerman case, who acquitted Zimmerman of second-degree murder in the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin late Saturday, will remain anonymous for the time being – their identities sealed by the court and their unwillingness to speak to the media a matter of record.

zimmurder“Jurors were given packets of letters from the media containing interview requests. They expressed no interest at this time,” a court spokeswoman tweeted Sunday.

“Any attempt to identify jurors is a violation of the current order,” another tweet stated.

That was complemented by a warning from the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office.

“Jury has no desire to speak to media,” a news release from the sheriff’s office stated.

“The media should not, at any time, attempt to video and/or broadcast the jurors, the transport or personal vehicles used, or any locations/venues where the jurors may be staying or visiting.

“Any media currently at locations where they believe jurors could be located should depart the area immediately.”

Of course the media aren’t the only ones who have an interest in finding out the identities of the jurors. Numerous tweets have been posted threatening them as well.

Here’s a sample:


Any court order trying to keep the media away from jurors can’t last long. And prosecution of an order not to video or broadcast jurors would be tough to square with the First Amendment anyway.

But it does seem that the six women who made up the George Zimmerman jury will have to be careful about determining when and how they choose to go public.

For the trial purposes, they were identified only by code — B76, B37, E6, B29, E40 and B51.

But their families, neighbors and  co-workers know who they are.

It’s likely just a question of time until the country hears from one or all them.

Let’s just hope they’re safe from some of the “Justice for Trayvon” crowd’s idea of “justice.”

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