Texas restricts abortions, Associated Press takes sides


The Texas Senate’s approval of a measure limiting abortions was all but a foregone conclusion. The events leading up to that vote, however, were filled with drama and surprise, and included one of the world’s most respected news agencies apparently taking sides.

By a 19-11 vote, the Texas Senate sent to the governor a bill to severely limit abortions after 20 weeks and require that clinics performing the procedure meet the same basic health and safety standards required of ambulatory surgical centers, according to LifeNews.

During a special session called just to get the measure passed, thousands of demonstrators on both sides of the issue converged on Austin to voice their opinion, including an estimated 2,000 pro-choice activists who filled the Senate gallery.

In the hours leading up to the final vote, the Texas Department of Public Safety reported finding jars of suspected feces and urine in the bags carried by pro-choice supporters about to enter the gallery.

Meanwhile, pro-life demonstrators were reportedly harassed and threatened to the point that they feared for their lives. Fifty-four hid out in undisclosed locations with the assistance of Texas state troopers. While there, one of the pro-lifers posted the following tweet and photo:

But perhaps the biggest surprise of all was when The Associated Press tweeted the floor debate’s progress, and included the hashtag, StandWithWendy, in reference to Sen. Wendy Davis’ 11th-hour filibuster during the Senate’s last attempt to pass the measure.


So much for unbiased journalism.

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