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Fox hosts blame ‘race-baiter’ Sharpton, Obama for riot threats

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The hosts of “The Five” blamed MSNBC host Al Sharpton for brewing controversy in the George Zimmerman trial, saying he used “race politics” when speaking out shortly after the incident occurred. Sharpton has spoken at rallies for Trayvon Martin‘s family, and Eric Bolling suggested Sharpton was the “catalyst behind the murder two charge” against Zimmerman.

Greg Gutfeld said it’s hard to take Sharpton seriously after his involvement in racially-charged cases, calling Sharpton a “race-baiter”, and saying that if a not-guilty verdict in the Zimmerman case leads to violence, “he’s got to be part of the blame.”

Bob Beckel suggested Sharpton should step up to call for people to respond calmly and “walk back” his rhetoric calling for action.

“He doesn’t want to walk it back, though,” Andrea Tantaros said, adding that President Obama is partly to blame for joining the debate shortly after the shooting.

Arguing that it took weeks for authorities to arrest Zimmerman, Dana Perino went in a different direction, saying Sharpton was the only one to “step up” and call for action.


Watch the discussion via Fox News here.

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H/T: Mediaite


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