Courthouse protester wears T-shirt with Zimmerman’s face in crosshairs

While MSNBC’s far-left loon Touré harangues that the right is ramping up racial tensions during jury deliberations of the Zimmerman trial, the far-left is at work ramping up racial tensions during jury deliberations of the Zimmerman trial.

“There’s this expectation of violence from us, which goes back to slavery, that we must keep them under control in any way possible,” Touré said while discussing the Zimmerman trial on the Melissa Harris-Perry show, according to Mediaite.

“They are three-fifths of a human, they are animals, they might explode in violence at any moment…Violence in terms of riots have been used against the black community far more often throughout history than we have used it. So this idea that we’re just going to explode if we don’t get this verdict—that many of us don’t expect to go our way—is absurd and ahistorical and insulting.”

While Touré was busy exercising his gums, an interesting scene was photographed outside the courthouse as the crowd was waiting for a verdict. Alcides Segul from local Fox affiliate channel 14 snapped a pic and tweeted it as follows:

Yep! It’s a moron wearing a T-shirt with George Zimmerman’s face centered in crosshairs depicted on the front. Ah, Maybe he’s not familiar with that “innocent until proved guilty” thing we have going in the United States. He’s probably a nice guy and doesn’t mean anything by it — just unfamiliar with our legal system.

Let’s take a look at the back.

Lee Stranahan from Breitbart News was on hand for the stern view.

Zimmerman T-shirt

“Yes sir, creepy ass cracker.” Well, at least he called us “sir,.”

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8 thoughts on “Courthouse protester wears T-shirt with Zimmerman’s face in crosshairs

  1. noah says:

    It has nothing to do with history in why people are thinking that if the new black panther party (aka black kkk). It has to do with the fact of al sharpton ramping up the racial tension. It has to do with you calling people to riot and make a fuss. Stop blaming everyone for your fing problems.

    1. Anne Stalker says:

      You perhaps missed the news clip sowing a New Black Panthers spokesman,on site,in uniform, spewing his propaganda of hate and victimhood, stating that "no justice would be achieved if Zimmerman wasn't killed"


  2. Michael Nappi says:

    "Excuse me you with the Zimmerman cross hair shirt, would you mind stepping back 100 yards, this close there is literally no challenge for to hit that."

  3. Gabriel says:

    I think the jury was very fair in their verdict. and for protesters to be wearing shirts as he is,is offensive and I have to ask a question where is the humanity in the decency for respecting the verdict

  4. Katie says:

    I want that tee shirt I love it

  5. NotSurprising says:

    Where can I purchase those Zimmerman in Crosshair teeshirts???

  6. do bowls says:

    crackers are smart enough not to wear shirts with crosshairs on them to a bitch rally. no matter whose face is on it, this idiot will take the slug. looks like it will be a gut shot too, since he is sagging a little bit and the shirt is too big. nice.

  7. James says:

    I live in Sanford and just got back from a local diner where I saw someone wearing this shirt.

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