Judge limits searches at Gitmo; groin-touching ‘abhorrent’ to Muslims

Ruling that groin-touching is “abhorrent” to Muslims, a federal judge has ordered the military to stop invasive searches of Guantanamo Bay prisoners while they are being moved to speak to their lawyers.

The fact that the military thinks the danger of smuggled weapons is “abhorrent” doesn’t seem to matter much.

gitmoprisonersAccording to a New York Times report, Judge Royce C. Lamberth of the District of Columbia Circuit Court issued the ruling Thursday, calling intensive groin searches “religiously and culturally” abhorrent to Muslims and ordering an end to the practice.

Lamberth’s order requires the prison to return to searching the underwear of detainees when they are being moved, and refrain from  touching them physically on the buttocks or genitals.

According to the Times, that was the practice at Guantanamo Bay until a May confrontation between prisoners and guards led to the discovery of improvised weapons in the prisoners’ cells. That discovery, plus the suicide of a Guantanamo Bay prisoner who died from an overdose of pain medication officials suspect had been hidden in his underwear, led to more intensive searches.

The Times report does not say whether Lamberth’s order acknowledged the danger guards might be in while  moving potentially armed prisoners without fully searching them, or whether saving prisoners’ lives by keeping them from overdosing on hidden pain medications might be worth a little religious and cultural abhorrence on the part of the imprisoned.

It also does not address whether there are any cultures on earth — or in the United States — where a practice of searching groins and buttocks would not be greeted with a fair amount of “abhorrence” by the searchees.

But these are Muslim prisoners, and apparently Muslims are – as a point of law —  special enough to be treated separately, and even more equally.

Thus rules a federal judge of the United States of America.

And liberals cheer.

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