New Yorkers gawk at city-sanctioned nudity in Time Square

Body painting in Times Square

Street artist Andy Golub plies his craft as people gawk.

Well after former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani reportedly cleaned up Midtown Manhattan’s famous Times Square, it has turned into an open-air peep show, complements of a street artist who uses nude females in his work — not as models, but as canvas.

Artist Andy Golub’s body painting act was given the hook two years ago for pulling this stunt, but he’s back again for a city-sanctioned encore, according to the New York Post.

“I’m a strong advocate of public art,” the painter said as he set up the tools of his trade, including two “living canvasses,” at a busy intersection at high noon.

“No real law is being broken,” Golub said. The city just recently lifted a moratorium that permitted such displays only after dusk.

“It’s not really about winning a battle on legality. It’s [about] the opportunity to use public streets. I try not to get too political. The art is the message,” Golub said.

As he plied his craft, foot traffic came to a standstill aa people stopped to gawk.

“We don’t do this in Alabama,” said tourist Scott Fleming, 42.

“I definitely have never seen anything like this before,” said Chris Cook, 24. “I didn’t expect to walk up on something like this. It’s interesting.”

As the Post reported:

Golub was arrested nearly two years ago and charged with exposure and public lewdness after he coated a nearly naked model with pink and green paint.

After Golub agreed to the after-dark mandate, the charges were dropped.

According to the city’s Law Department, Golub can now paint his naked ladies, and men, during the daytime, providing he gives adequate notice of where he’ll be showing off his craft.

Under city law, full nudity is allowed if it is part of a “play, exhibition, show or entertainment.”

Meanwhile, in Spring Lake, NJ, a mere 68 miles to the south of this scene, a dad is being harassed for removing his toddlers’ swim suits so he can rinse off the beach sand before heading back home.

Go figure. Call it another day in “the Naked City.”

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7 thoughts on “New Yorkers gawk at city-sanctioned nudity in Time Square

  1. KB Cook says:

    competing with San Francisco for the East Coast Perverted City award … how droll

  2. shane says:

    Just spiffy the mommies bring their little kids to that. Oh I forgot New Yorkers are so sophisticated and progressive.

  3. Mike metzler says:

    Will there be public penetration? If I stick a paint brush loaded with pink paint in a woman's rectum, is that art? Any age restrictions for viewers and subjects/artists?

  4. Doug Hanks says:

    Blue paint in a woman's rectum would not be permissible. Pink paint is appropriate. They may change the city's nickname to the Big Apple Cheeks!

  5. OldmanRick says:

    Definitely two left coasts. Then there is Chicago.

  6. George a says:

    Perverts not only the person, the woman and the city for allowing this garbage

  7. natmike says:

    Isn’t it a shame, some ppl only associate nudity with sex, we all have bodies so why not celebrate them and lets face it, americans don’t mind violence, they walk around with guns, but show a nipple or goodness me a willy and my word all hell breaks loose, grow up and get a life!

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