Michelle O’s lunch program leaves kids hungry, schools broke


I guess she doesn’t like it either.

An Indiana school district took first lady Michelle Obama’s advice regarding healthy school lunches to heart. The district lost $300,000 in revenue in the process when students stopped buying lunches.

When the Carmel Clay school district instituted the new federal school lunch guidelines put in place at the urging Mrs. Obama, its food service personnel thought they were doing a good thing. But things didn’t turn out quite as expected.

“I’m a registered dietitian, said Amy Anderson, the food service director for the district. “I used to feel that I was an educator and part of the education system. I currently feel like I’m a food cop,” she told JCOnline according to EAG News.

And an under-appreciated food cop at that.

“I don’t get credit for the 98 percent of our kids who are within normal weight range. I only get slammed for the 2 to 3 percent who aren’t.”

She said the changes may “drive her into retirement,” according to JC.

This isn’t a problem peculiar to this particular district — it’s pretty much universal.

“Kids eat with their eyes. When they saw that smaller portion, that freaked them out,” said Jennifer Rice, food service director of Lebanon Community School Corp., also in central Indiana.

“I’ve been in the school district forever, and they all know me and they’ll go, ‘Mrs. Rice, we are hungry,’” the paper quoted her as saying.

Lori Shofroth, Tippecanoe, Ind. School Corp.’s food service director, said many students are dumping their food, which gives other kids a bad example.

“They’re teaching our kids with this meal pattern that it’s OK to throw away,” she said “We did a waste study on three different schools, and there was a huge amount of waste. That was just with produce, fruit or vegetables or milk.”

Mrs. Obama’s advice may have been well-intentioned, but as the Carmel Clay school district discovered, the road to insolvency — just like the road to hell — is paved with good intentions.

Instead of listening to the first lady, the school districts should have heeded the sage advice of former President George H.W. Bush:

“I do not like broccoli. And I haven’t liked it since I was a little kid and my mother made me eat it. And I’m President of the United States and I’m not going to eat any more broccoli.”


4 thoughts on “Michelle O’s lunch program leaves kids hungry, schools broke

  1. joy says:

    I am a public school teacher and even though it is sad I have seen that it is true that the kids don't like these healthy choices. I think the plan is great for adults because most adults eat healthy but try to get a kid to eat hummus and celery sticks or a nice spinach salad for example. I would love that but the kids are throwing these things away and it is very say indeed.

  2. R Taylor says:

    My kids will eat just about anything and they hate to bring their lunches to school, but since this change to the lunch program they quit buying and started bringing.

    How can you justify giving a big strapping high school football player the same sized portion as a kindergarten kid??? Their complaints; portions too small, most of it tastes like cardboard or tastes just plain nasty.

    I understand there are many many kids who do not get a healthy well balanced meal at home, but if what you are giving them at school is not enough or tastes horrible they will eat what they can. If they serve it once and its bad they wont buy their lunch the next time its on the menu, they are either going to bring their lunch or starve. The Obama's think they have the answer to everything but their ideas FAIL everytime!!!!

  3. willard says:

    what that witch don't know is what these kids eat at school might be all the food they will have that day feed the kid what they want I know how it feels to want to eat and there is nothing like that to a kid

  4. Really cool article, highly educational and well-written..Good Career

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