Obama unites Egyptians in their hatred for US

Putting together balanced reporting from a major country in turmoil can’t be easy, but the Obama administration is doing its part for American journalists covering Egypt’s current unrest:

Neither side likes us.

egyptusflagIf the murderous Muslim Brotherhood and their murderous, military-backed opponents in Egypt don’t agree on anything else, they do agree that President Obama’s on the other guy’s side, according to an article Wednesday in the Washington Post.

And who can blame them?

After essentially ordering Hosni Mubarrak out of office in Egypt in 2011, Obama and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spent a year cozying up to an avowedly Islamist government that’s never made any bones about wanting to establish an Iranian-style theocracy in the Arab world’s largest nation.

They still hate us.

Then last week, while the Egyptian army issued deadlines to its civilian “leaders” to get with the program or get out, now-Secretary of State John Kerry decided to take a break from all that Middle East stuff and chill aboard his $7 million yacht while Obama hit the links.

In Cairo, meanwhile, soldiers mobilized, the elected president was overthrown and a military favorite was installed in his place.

And guess what? They don’t like us either.

In Tahrir Square, the Post reports, anti-Muslim Brotherhood protesters were interviewed while resting under a large banner reading “Obama loves terrorists.” (That’s what they call the Muslim Brotherhood.)

Meanwhile, at a sit-in supporting the recently deposed Muslim Brotherhood president, interviews took place as protesters against coup leader Abdel Fattah al-Sis chanted: “Sisi is America’s agent!” and “America is dictating Sisi!”

As the story points out, the U.S. has never been the favorite of the Arab world – except when they need something like foreign aid, a university education or a country to move to for a shot a decent life – but it really takes some doing to get both sides in a civil war against you at the same time.

“You’re trying to walk the invisible line of self-interest,” Gehad El-Haddad, a spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood told the Post. “But you can’t choose both. Now you have people who hate the United States over here and you have people who hate the United States over there.”

Balanced reporting made easy.


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