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Watch Obama supporters sign petition to repeal Bill of Rights

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At a time when it seems “low-information voters” are making all the wrong decisions in America, yet another example of society heading in the wrong direction has emerged. Imagine the United States if the Bill of Rights were repealed.

Author and activist Mark Rice approached California beachgoers and asked them to support President Obama by repealing the Bill of Rights. Unbelievably, using words like “modernize” and “new world order,” he convinced a number of them to sign. He posted his video on YouTube Monday.

While The Blaze reported that Rice is a “noted 9/11 truther and Illuminati enthusiast” with a “controversial background,” and the exercise is just a prank, the video is nevertheless chilling.

While many people will sign petitions for signature-gatherers just to get rid of them, what happened to the “don’t sign anything before you read it” rule?

The Bill of Rights? Really?

Watch the unbelievable video here.


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