Rush responds: I never said to stop watching Fox!

Oh, how the liberal media pushed to see a war break out between conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh and Fox News Tuesday morning.

Politico, the Huffington Post, and other news outlets, completely and utterly – (and deliberately?) -misinterpreted comments Limbaugh made to a caller on Monday’s show, running wild with headlines Tuesday like, “Rush Limbaugh Tells Caller Not to Watch Fox News.”

According to the audio from Monday’s show, Limbaugh told a caller, “Tony from Tampa,” to stop watching and listening to the liberal pundits, like Chris Matthews, Juan Williams and Bob Beckel, who Tony named when he first called in.

After naming one liberal woman who appeared on Fox News’ Neil Cavuto, Rush said:

You’ve gotta stop watching these people. All these names you mentioned, they’re not gonna change… they’re designed to get you ticked off.  They’re designed to make sure you question your sanity.  You’re gonna watch these people and say, “How in the world can we have such idiotic people?” and you’re gonna think maybe they’re not crazy and you are.

Politico and the others immediately jumped on the “let’s hate on Rush and Fox News bandwagon” by claiming Limbaugh told the caller to stop watching Fox News.

After all, headlines were rampant last week waiting for a Limbaugh-Fox fight after Limbaugh said the network didn’t want him to speak about immigration during a “Fox & Friends” segment.

Well, Limbaugh made it quite clear on Tuesday afternoon that he most certainly did not tell anyone to stop watching Fox News. He clarified he told the caller to stop listening to and watching those liberals who will drive conservatives crazy.

And he took a swing at the newspapers that gleefully twisted his words.

Rush, who is right, said:

But see, these people in the media, they can’t stand it. They can’t stand that there’s even two voices of opposition to Obama and liberalism, so now they’re seeking to drive a wedge here, and they’re trying to create these stories that I, El Rushbo, am urging people not to watch Fox because Fox, whatever…  And, you know, this is such a big story. This has been picked up by Mediaite, it’s been picked up by Salon.  When’s the last time a caller made news like this on this program?  Mediaite, Politico, Salon. It will probably be the lead on the NBC Nightly News tonight. Stranger things have happened.

Listen to Rush Limbaugh Monday (who never says or implies the caller should stop watching Fox) via Mediaite:

Listen to Rush Limbaugh’s response to the media Tuesday via Mediaite:

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