Jim Carrey to gun owners: I love you, sorry I called you names

There’s good news coming from the Left Coast for gun owners. Even though Hollywood moonbat Jim Carrey thinks you are “heartless motherf%ckers” and your lives are not worth protecting, he wants you to know he still loves you.

In what could be a sign that the backlash for earlier comments directed at gun owners was greater than he anticipated, the funny man tweeted on Sunday that while he does not agree with “assault rifle fans,” he loves them and apologizes for calling them names.

Of course, this may be another sign the comedian is coming unglued, having recently announced that he would not promote his newest film, “Kick-Ass 2,” saying that “in all good conscience I cannot support that level of violence.”

The whole ruckus began earlier this year in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, when Carrey posted this:

Carrey then produced a video parady featuring a deceased Charlton Heston that slammed gun owners, whom he referred to in a not-so-nice manner:

As one may expect, Carrey’s heartfelt remorse is not playing all that well on Twitter. Perhaps, he would be well advised to just drop the social media site altogether.

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Tom Tillison


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