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Left goes into frenzy as Wisconsin enacts ultrasound bill

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fetusWhen Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker signed a bill Friday requiring that women receive ultrasounds as a prerequisite to an abortion, one would have thought someone had dropped the left’s Pilates membership and cancelled their “Mother Jones” subscription.

The law also provides that an imagery technician point out any visible features of the fetus, and, as a safety measure, that the physician performing the procedure have privileges at a local hospital, according to The Hill.

Walker is no stranger to controversy. He captured national attention when he defeated a recall petition after a rancorous battle to undercut public unions’ power.

The Hill’s Cameron Joseph noted:

Wisconsin is the latest state to push for a more restrictive abortion law — Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, North Dakota and Ohio have  passed similar legislation in recent months, as Republican-controlled states ramp up the pressure on abortion providers. Texas and North Carolina are considering similar measures. But Wisconsin, a perennial swing state, provided a more intense backdrop for the fight over abortion rights.

And the challenge to fight came immediately and was, yes, intense.

Actress/comedienne Sarah Silverman, with the following tweet, made an unusual suggestion regarding Walker’s private parts the next time he dares act in the public’s best interest:

Silverman’s suggestion was seconded by Joe Salazar who retweeted it. In case the name isn’t familiar, Salazar is the Colorado House member who suggested potential rape victims don’t need firearms for protection — they just need “rape whistles,” thus transforming potential victims into victims-in-fact.

Salazar escalated the brouhaha when he sent his own tweet accusing Walker of fomenting the “war on women”:

The ideological pendulum swings both ways. On the issue of abortion, it’s swung as far to the left as it can possibly go. If polls are any indicator, it has begun its journey back to the right.


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