DUI checkpoint video goes viral, but there’s a twist

DUI checkpointA YouTube video of a man being stopped at a DUI checkpoint in Rutherford County, Tenn., has gone viral, with well over 2 million views. The video is offered with little context, other than brief commentary from the subject pointing out that his constitutional rights were violated.

But does it matter that he planned the entire altercation?

Chris Kalbaugh, a 21-year-old junior at Middle Tennessee State University, is seen in the video being approached by a Rutherford County deputy sheriff as he pulled up on a checkpoint on the Fourth of July. The window in his vehicle was cracked open about two inches, and he was instructed to roll it down, but he refused, saying “this is fine.”

According to the video, the officer appeared taken aback at the refusal and asked Kalbaugh his age. The driver responded by asking if he’s required to provide such information. He gave his age only after the officer told him he must.

At that point, the officer instructed Kalbaugh to pull over to the side of the road.

Again, Kalbaugh refused, responding instead by asking if he was being detained. The officer became more agitated.

“I broke no laws, and I made sure to be respectful the entire time while still exercising my constitutional freedom,” Kalbaugh said, according to the Daily News Journal. “The officers would not let me leave, but would not answer if I was being detained.”

The Journal reported that Kalbaugh is “affiliated with the Libertarian Party,” and that he informed Axl David, communications director for the Libertarian Party of Tennessee, that he planned to “exercise his rights” at the checkpoint and record the results.

The incident was planned, David told the Journal.

David added that this was not the first time Kalbaugh has confronted police on video, saying the college student also records confrontations with the local homeless population for a Facebook page he dubbed, “Don’t Support Murfreesboro Panhandling.”

So it appears that Kalbaugh intentionally refused to comply with the officer so he could videotape the response. Is that relevant in the context of standing up for one’s rights?

Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Lisa Marchesoni told the Journal that officials are “reviewing the incident” and “looking into the matter to determine if there are any policy or procedure violations.”


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Tom Tillison

Tom Tillison

Tom is a grassroots activist who distinguished himself as one of the top conservative bloggers in Florida before joining BizPac Review.
Tom Tillison


122 thoughts on “DUI checkpoint video goes viral, but there’s a twist

  1. Tom Bain says:


  2. Tom Bain says:

    Give all your rights away, that's okay but the problems is that when you give up your rights you are also giving up mine

  3. Tom Bain says:

    "Should be fine" and "Attorneys" your what's wrong !!! you are giving our rights away. Are you an attorney?

  4. Tom Bain says:

    PS Not a very good one !

  5. Tom Bain says:

    No, FOR OUR Civil RIGHTS

    Wake Up

  6. Sokr8ez says:

    Most of you are completely missing the point. A right left unexercised is a right lost. If they can’t handle the little things like this, how do you think they will handle something that is actually important and critical to safety? We must all exercise our rights vigilantly and diligently at all times or a police state will ensue. History teaches us this time and time again but people like you refuse to learn from those lessons.

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