Ted Cruz’s dad says Obama’s just like Castro in charged speech

ted-and-rafael-cruzRafael Cruz, father of U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, delivered a spellbinding speech at FreedomWorks “Free the People” event in Salt Lake City Friday night.

Having experienced and escaped Castro’s Cuba, the elder Cruz couldn’t help but draw comparisons between the island communist regime and the Obama administration, according to The Blaze.

He recalled that when he was a teenager, “a young, charismatic leader rose up talking about hope and change. His name was Fidel Castro. We thought he was going to be our liberator.”

In return for working for the revolution, Cruz was jailed.

“I was in prison,” he said. “I was tortured, but by the grace of God I was able to leave Cuba on a student visa and came to the greatest country on the face of the earth.”

Sen. Cruz often describes his father as having arrived here with $100 sewn into his clothing. Once here, the elder Cruz recalled he worked his way through college as a dishwasher and achieved the American dream.

Cruz eventually returned to Cuba, where, he said, he received “the shock of [his] life.”

Mr. “Hope and Change” Castro now was proclaiming that the rich “oppress the people and about the need to redistribute the wealth.”

Cruz noted that Castro “curtailed freedom of the press,” attacked religion and “began instituting socialized medicine.”

The result was to destroy free enterprise and productivity, and Cruz returned to the United States, where he started his own business.

Cruz said recent events alarms him.

“I think the most ominous words I’ve ever heard was in the last two State of the Union addresses, when our president said, ‘If Congress does not act, I will act unilaterally,’” he said. “Not much different than that old bearded friend I left behind in Cuba.”

Cruz spoke with passion, without notes or teleprompter. His parting words: “We can remain silent no more.”


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9 thoughts on “Ted Cruz’s dad says Obama’s just like Castro in charged speech

  1. This man is a WONDERFUL asset and resource for free Americans. Everything he says is from personal-first-hand knowledge and HEART!!

    I watched a 3-hr documentary on the American Revolution and I came away wondering what happened to that gene pool. Well Mr. R. Cruz is providing a good measure of what I believe this country was built on!

  2. Helen says:

    I think we should turn him loose in the Latino community and let him educate the younger Latino's who don't remember this EVIL Castro Revolution…..

  3. TST says:

    Good idea

  4. Doug Hanks says:

    Obama rarely wears fatigues and no beard.

  5. Kenneth Clark says:

    I am very proud of this man's statements. All of the illegal immigrants should listen closely to what he has to say and either go home or become an American as he is. He done it the right way. They should be required to follow the same path as he to become a citizen of this country. He chose this country and embraced the American way of life, laws and freedoms to become a citizen. He did not come here demanding we become Cuba. The rearing of his son proves that America is his home.

    This man has integrity. His son also proves that fact as well.

  6. ted says:

    So. The senior Cruz was young communist that things did 't work out too well for in Cuba and he comes here? He is lucky Castro did 't have someone do a "Trotsky " on him. The very first thing I get from this guy is that he couldn't get in with the big boys in Havana and went to Canada, where the senator was born. I wonder if he had been in with the major players in Cuba if there would have been a Senator Cruz at all. He sounds more like a frustrated also ran than a true anti – communist.

  7. ted says:

    Looking further at the senior a Cruz 's comments, of he liked this country so much, why was Senator Cruz born a Canadian? . Still sounds like a frustrated former commie that wasn't 't part of the in crowd in Cuba.

  8. ted says:

    Also makes you think of the "Manchurian Candidate ". Doesn't 't lt?

  9. JJ says:

    asked a guy @ work last evening where he was going on his vacation, Cuba? (since he is cuban) he said" Hell NO My father fought to hard to get me outa' there but my wife has planned maybe not a lot better choice , The dominican republic…

    These people are awesome and KNOW what ths country was founded on , and just how far we are away from our founding fathers dreams these days…

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