Protesters party in front of Rahm Emanuel’s home on Fourth

rahm-protest2Conservatives this week were first treated to a tiff between liberal pundits Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow, and can now add to that the pleasure of watching far left activists turn on one of their own.

Employing tactics first established by militant labor unions, demonstrators in Chicago converged on the home of Democratic Mayor Rahm Emanuel on the 4th of July to protest against what they call his austerity cuts to the city and school budgets.

Activists marched along the street chanting, “One term mayor,” and “Cut back, fight back,” according to the local NBC affiliate.

“At a time when working people are already struggling to make ends meet, Mayor Emanuel is eliminating thousands of jobs across the city every year,” event organizer Greg Goodman told NBC Chicago.

“Time is up for you to now be in control of everything that has to do with our lives,” one speaker said. “We declare ourselves independent on this day, on the Fourth of July.”

This may be one serious crisis that Rahm is glad to see go to waste.

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Tom Tillison


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