NY ‘rape is rape’ bill passed, changes definition of rape

Lydia Cuomo

Lydia Cuomo
Photo Credit: WBUR

Unfortunately, it took the brutal rape of a brave, young woman to get New York to start changing its previous illogical rape laws.

Bronx teacher, Lydia Cuomo was the force behind the state’s new “rape is rape” bill that will update the current antiquated rape statute to “include forced oral and anal sex and other forms of aggravated sexual contact,” a CNN report said.

Cuomo, who was raped vaginally, orally and anally by an off duty police officer in 2011, was sickened when a hung jury couldn’t return a guilty rape verdict because the law defined rape only as “forced vaginal penetration.”

Her attacker was convicted of “committing a criminal sexual assault and predatory sexual assault,” CNN reported, but incredibly, not of rape.

But, in June, the NY state Assembly unanimously passed the new law that Gov. Cuomo said he will sign.

Watch the CNN report on this remarkable woman’s struggle to get a common-sense law on the books:

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One thought on “NY ‘rape is rape’ bill passed, changes definition of rape

  1. JWE73 says:

    What an incredibly stupid law they have already in place! What about the millions of gay men who live in New York who find themselves violated in the same manner? What are they to do? Very eye opening article, thanks for writing it. Good to know the Legislators up there left such a huge gap for sexual assault on their residents! First priority of government is to protect it citizens, at all times.

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