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First lady tells look-alike fan she is gorgeous

Jada Campbell Obama fan
Photo Credit: Jada Campbell via The Daily Mail

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Michelle Obama recently acknowledged, by name, a teen girl from Ohio who really emulates the first lady.

Obama-fan, Jada Campbell, has the first lady’s look and style so down pat, (except the bangs – where are the bangs?), Michelle gave a shout-out to young Campbell in a recent People magazine video.

Needless to say, Campbell, who has never met Obama, but attended the inauguration, was beside herself with glee.

According to Action News 19, “Jada sent the first lady a picture and question while Mrs. Obama was in Africa recently with the president and asked, ‘Did I capture your style?’”

“I just sent her a picture. I had on a dress like she would wear and I said do I sort of have your style in this pic and she said yeah,” Jada told the station.

People Magazine had Obama respond to reader’s questions in an online video, and Campbell’s was one of them, the Daily Mail reported.

‘”I saw your picture, you are gorgeous. And, to the extent that anyone compares you to me, I am flattered,” Obama said, according to the article. “As long as you are working as hard on the inside as you are on the outside, then I take the compliment.”

‘You and me, we’re sisters in power, leadership – you and me, Jada. Change the world. I expect big things from you,’ the first lady added.

“I was like WOW, cause I didn’t know she was actually doing a video and say my name. So that was a big shock,” Campbell told Action News.

“I’m absolutely proud of my daughter that Michelle Obama responded back to her. She has been great encouragement,” Campbell’s mother said.

Watch the Action News 19 report here:

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