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White House refuses to label Westboro Baptist a ‘hate group’

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Those First Amendment-lovers in the White House have turned down an online petition that drew 367,000 signatures to label the Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church a “hate group,” according to a CNN report.

It’s not the president’s job to call an organization a hate group, the administration explained in the report.

westborobaptist“As a matter of practice, the federal government doesn’t maintain a list of hate groups,” a spokesman said.

That’s good to know, really.

And it’s good to know that a president who has no problem denouncing political groups that have money and voters behind them as sinister, possibly even “foreign controlled,” can find it in his heart to forgive a group with 50 members and virtually zero popular support for staging outrageous demonstrations at soldiers’ funerals calling their deaths God’s judgment on America for its acceptance of homosexuality.

It’s good to know a president whose followers routinely accuse law-abiding, politically potent tea party organizations of being motivated by racism and racial hatred draws the line at labeling a small, politically fringe band of fellow citizens a hate group simply because its sole claim to headlines is based on the fact that it believes “God hates fags.”

It’s good to know a president who thinks nothing of launching a direct legal assault on the Catholic Church by insisting it violate its faith by forcing it to provide employees with abortion-inducing drugs is so respectful of the religious rights of a  tiny outlier of a sect that poses no threat to his political or policy ambitions.

And it’s especially good to know that this administration’s tolerance is such that it also rejected a petition with 300,000 signatures that demanded the IRS revoke Westboro Baptist’s non-profit status.

Obama and his administration would never use the media or the law to demonize other Americans or their religious beliefs. His IRS would never try to suppress dissent.

Really, that’s good to know.

Isn’t it?


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