Tea Party groups turn focus to fight immigration bill

Tea Party in DC
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House Republican incumbents beware: Tea Party groups across the nation are turning their attention to the immigration bill, planning grassroots protests during the Congressional August recess.

After the Senate “approved its version of the legislation” last week, Tea Party groups, currently battling the IRS for targeting their tax-exempt requests, began focusing on House Republicans who now must draft its version of immigration reform legislation.

But the Tea Party is counting on little progress between the two chambers agreeing on a “unified piece of legislation by August,” Fox News reported.

Unlike the unified front between lawmakers and activists on Obamacare, Republican lawmakers are split on immigration.

According to the article:

Several influential conservative economists have come forward to argue that immigration legislation would be a boon for the economy, with newly legalized workers and an enhanced legal immigration system giving the economy the jump-start it needs.

Tea Party supporters say those conservatives are falling for the ruse that the so-called “amnesty” would coincide with enhanced border security. They warn that the mass legalization will trump any security improvements.

Several conservative groups reportedly sent a letter to House Speaker John Boehner “urging him to declare the Senate package ‘dead on arrival,’” Fox News reported.

Recalling the influence of Tea Party support in the 2010 elections, Republicans would be wise to heed the 2014 potential the groups have “to threaten wavering lawmakers with a primary challenge.”

Sen. Lindsey Graham, who had a hand in writing the Senate’s version of the immigration bill, is already a target of South Carolina Tea Party groups looking for Graham to face a primary challenger.

“We wanted a full-time conservative senator, and he has not done that for us,” Ron Hughes with the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition told Fox News.

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