Celebrities suggest we should have lost American Revolution

Two people of fame and fortune offered very similar Independence Day sentiments, which were in direct contrast to those exhibited by a successful sports hero who only recently made it to our shores.

CNN talk show host Piers Morgan, the iniquitous campaigner for strict gun control, actually tweeted regret that the colonists had won the Revolutionary War:


After receiving a wave of objections, he tweeted surrender, much like General Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown:


Somehow, I find Morgan’s regret that England lost the American Revolution less objectionable than seeing him wrap himself in the American flag. I regarded it less an act of getting into the spirit and more one of mockery and disdain.

Being British, one can maybe understand Morgan’s sentiments — another celebrity doesn’t have that excuse.

Bette Midler also bemoaned the fact that the British laid down their arms almost 232 years ago, but hers was rooted in socialized health care rather than the Second Amendment. The “Divine Miss M” tweeted:


Contrast their sentiments with those of a new arrival.

After many failed attempts, Yasiel Puig finally defected to the United States from Cuba and is now an L.A. Dodgers superstar outfielder. He celebrated “his first Fourth of July by waving an American flag in the Dodgers dugout during their 10-8 win at Colorado,” according to Breitbart News.

Part of the reason Puig plays with an infectious joy on the baseball field, as if he is unburdened, is because in America, he no longer has to live day-to-day worrying about what an oppressive government may do to him.

Puig has brought vibrancy to what had been a moribund team mired in last place, leading the Dodgers back into contention, only 2.5 games out of first place. He plays the game like he has nothing to lose–and with house money–because he finally is free.

Morgan and Midler totally miss the idea that America represents. It’s not based in the government controlling our guns, it running our health care but rather the idea that a society best prospers when government stays out of our lives.

It’s based on the idea of freedom — freedom to choose our own destiny, worship in the manner we please and even the freedom to make improprieties remarks like suggesting we should live under British rule.


4 thoughts on “Celebrities suggest we should have lost American Revolution

  1. Michael Nappi says:

    And if the south won the civil war we wouldn't be suffering under Obama.

    But it is what it is. Morgan why don't you go home to England and take the has been Bette with you

  2. c says:

    is there no way that we can boot these asshats out of the country maybe as traitors

  3. Tambria Beaty says:

    And we would all be paying a much higher tax rate, Bette.

    I have family in the British Isles, I've heard their stories of their "free" health care.

  4. tkhk3746 says:

    I recently threw away ALL Bette Midler's CDs I had….and regarding the rotten tooth sorry ass excuse for a Pommie…take your pompous ass attitude and shove it! We don't need you here…we don't want you here!

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