Alec Baldwin says he’ll go after leaker for an interview

Edward Snowden NSA leakerIt seems insufferable blowhard Alec Baldwin understands that the key to fame is staying in the limelight, as he is now looking to jump on the Edward Snowden gravy train.

Either that or he’s determined not to be upstaged by former NBA player Dennis Rodman when it comes to megalomaniac celebrities moonlighting as foreign diplomats.

While it’s not exactly clear where the NSA whistle-blower is at this point, Baldwin told Vanity Fair: “I’m going to fly to Russia and try to interview Snowden.”

The interview was published Tuesday amidst the glare of Baldwin’s intolerant, homophobic rant against a Daily Mail reporter — Baldwin called the reporter “a toxic little queen” — to which the American media granted him a complete pass.

According to NewsBusters, when Vanity asked what he thought about Snowden, Baldwin said:

“I want to try to interview him for my podcast on WNYC. I’m pressing all the buttons I have in London with friends of mine who know [Julian] Assange. I’m going to fly to Russia and try to interview Snowden.”

When asked if he was “a fan,” Baldwin responded, “I’m not a fan or a critic. I want it to play out. […] Let’s not assume automatically that he’s an enemy of this country. If he is, well then we have laws that, unfortunately for him, he’s f*cked. They’re going to get him.”

We’re dealing with Alec Baldwin, so no surprise on the vulgarity. The real question here is, once the plane is in the air, is it possible to have Baldwin’s passport revoked?

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Tom Tillison


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