Rush: GOP ‘skunked’ on issues, could lose House in 2014

Conservative radio star Rush Limbaugh was an equal opportunity basher on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday morning where he gave his thoughts and opinions on a wide range of issues.

He began discussing the Egyptian protests and ended with the real possibility of the Republicans losing the House in 2014, while discussing a variety of issues – from immigration reform to Obamacare – in between.

“I’m totally confused by Egypt,” Limbaugh said. “Hope and change was spreading through the middle east.”

“Why is everyone so surprised by what’s happening over there?” he asked.

“Basically, what we have is a bunch of people in Egypt defrauded by an illegitimate, lying campaign – reminds me of some others that I know.”

He moved on to say Sec. of State John Kerry “doesn’t know what he’s doing,” and he took a jab at the Obama administration: “Everything about this administration is image, sideshow, perception, photo op, optics.”

Limbaugh warned that with this new push of “selling Obamacare,” the Democrats “are salivating at winning in 2014:”

The Republicans are sitting around twiddling their thumbs worried about immigration and whether the Hispanics like them or not and being skunked on issue after issue after issue. Like this is classic. The 2014 midterms are really, really important. If the Democrats win the House, then there is no such thing as a lame duck last two years for Obama.

And when Fox host Brian Kilmeade asked if Limbaugh really thought the Democrats could win in 2014, Rush quipped, “Yeah, because the Republicans are in the process of engaging in policies guaranteed to lose them elections. Absolutely it’s possible”

Watch the segment here via Mediaite:

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