Geller to Hannity guest: ‘How dare you accuse me of murder!’

A “Hannity” segment started out calmly enough Monday night with all sides in agreement that Obama administration-backed, Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi must step down, but ended in an angry shouting match between the guests over anti-jihad subway ads in New York.

Conservative blogger Pam Geller and America Together Foundation president Mike Ghouse joined Sean Hannity in supporting the millions of Egyptian protesters who are demanding the resignation of Morsi, but noted how Morsi’s “Muslim Brotherhood, radical Islamic extremist” regime has the White House wrapped around its finger.

“Morsi’s confident that nothing’s going to happen because he knows that Obama is not going to side with the protestors. This is very dangerous,” Geller said.

“[Obama] is consistently on the side of jihadic Islamic supremacist regimes – whether it was Libya, whether it was Egypt. This is a consistent anti-freedom policy,” Geller added.

However, things turned ugly when Geller demanded an apology from Grouse for accusing her of being responsible for the death of someone in New York’s subway over her anti-jihad ads and he adamantly refused.

Those ads are dangerous, Grouse said, adding, “You owe an apology to the people you are hurting and saying bad things about.”

“You’re saying the truth hurts people, do you see how irrational your logic is?” “How dare you accuse me of murder!” Geller shouted back.

Watch the fiery segment here via Mediaite.

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