No blame for once, Obama compliments Bush

Maybe the sun was in the teleprompter again.

Or maybe he had some teeth pulled on the trip to Africa.

Whatever it was that brought it on, President Obama finally found something good to say about the public policies of the man he followed into the White House.

obamabushDuring a news conference Monday in Tanzania, Obama gave props to George W. Bush – the president he’s spent five years blaming for the lingering problems of the American economy.

He didn’t do it for anything Bush accomplished in the United States — like keeping another terrorist attack from happening on his watch with policies Obama’s Democrats called Gestapo tactics — but for helping the African continent deal with the scourge of AIDS. That was one aspect of the 43rd president’s tenure virtually ignored by the anti-Bush media at home.

“President Bush serves enormous credit for that,” Obama said, according to the Daily Caller. “This is one of his crowning achievements … millions of people’s lives have been saved.”

Obama was talking about the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, PEPFAR, which was established in 2003 spending $15 billion on AIDS programs in Africa. That was tripled in 2008, with $45 billion in authorized spending, according to a history available on the program’s website.

Obama’s compliment was just a statement of fact, but it was still a nice change. He’s had little good to say about Bush even while he continued or expanded virtually all of the anti-terrorism programs Democrats thought were evil when the other guys had the responsibility or protecting the country.

It’s just too bad the president can’t be so civil on his own soil.

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