Hotel room abortions: Clinic instructs ‘sit on toilet, don’t look down’

In Live Action’s latest undercover video, a mother in her 27th week of pregnancy is told by an abortion clinic counsellor that after killing her fetus by lethal injection, she is to wait alone in her hotel room. When labor begins, she is told to unlock her door, call the clinic and “Just sit on the toilet” and let nature take its course. Above all, don’t look down.

Pro-life activist group Live Action depicts little known facts of the late-term abortion industry through its latest campaign, “Inhuman: Undercover in America’s late-term abortion industry,” according to its website.

In this video, the sixth in the series, Live Action travels to an Albuquerque, NM abortion clinic. The undercover mom is told that because she’s 27 weeks pregnant, the procedure will involve inducing labor after first killing the baby in the womb.

The counsellor advises:

If we can’t catch it [delivery of the dead baby – the final stage of the abortion procedure] early enough, which has happened … then you’ll want to unlock the door to the hotel room, get your cell phone, and just sit on the toilet.  You don’t have to look at anything … you can stay on the phone with us until the doctor and nurse get there[.]

Dr. Carmen Landau confirmed this, telling the undercover investigator-mom to “sit on the toilet” and “unlock the hotel room.”  “Just sit there,” Landau says, “and you would not move until we come and get you.”

Landau compared the lethal injection that kills the fetus to “a flu shot, really” in a previous Live Action video.

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