Report concludes Holder misled Congress, GOP asks for his removal

House Republicans released a report Wednesday and “formally accused” Attorney General Eric Holder of misleading Congress with his “deceptive” testimony back in May, Fox News reported. After […]

Video: Cat thinks it’s a lion, attacks horse

Alright, this cat has some cojones. Not a lot of brains, but definitely some cojones.

Howard Dean admits Sarah Palin was right on ‘death panels’

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin can finally say “I told you so.” Critics of her claim that Obamacare would have death panels decide who would receive treatment are […]

Police shoot unarmed man in own driveway, Fla. back in spotlight

The shooting of an unarmed man outside his home by sheriff’s deputies in northwest Florida is drawing national attention again to the Sunshine State. And once again, […]

Jesse Jackson at FL protest
Fla. governor demands Jesse Jackson apologize for divisive insults

Gov. Rick Scott has had enough. He called on the Rev. Jesse Jackson to apologize to Floridians for describing The Sunshine State as “the Selma of our time” during Jackson’s Tuesday visit […]

Scarborough panel says ‘train wreck’ Ted Cruz is just like Taliban

When President Obama “pivoted” to the economy last week — again — he was setting up the narrative for the coming budget battle in Congress. Even though […]

graham mccain
Obama sending Graham, McCain to Egpyt

President Obama has asked Republican Sens. Lindsey Graham and John McCain to head to Egypt next week and reinforce the message that the U.S. would like to […]

FBI Director James Comey, Jr.
GOP lawmakers pressure new FBI Director to move on Benghazi

Republican lawmakers in both the House and Senate are demanding new FBI Director James Comey make the Benghazi investigation a top priority. Comey, who was just confirmed […]

SEIU demonstrator at McD rally
SEIU protester: Without raise, McDonald’s workers may contaminate food

Hundreds of fast-food employees took to the streets Monday to begin a week-long protest of low wages. Members of the Service Employees International Union not only showed […]

Rush Limbaugh on Fox News
Rush goes ‘On the Record’ to set Obama, GOP straight

Rush Limbaugh was at his best as he went “On The Record” with Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren Tuesday evening in a rare one-on-one television interview. Hope and […]

O'Reilly on the IRS
O’Reilly: Pelosi’s taxpayer-funded circus aided race hustlers, stuck it to USA

Fox News host Bill O’Reilly took House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., to task for “going to the aid of the grievance industry” by organizing hearings titled […]

opening prayers
Texas city continues opening prayers despite objections

A Southeast Texas city council thumbed its nose at an atheist organization after it told the city to stop leading its meetings with prayer. The Madison, Wis.-based […]

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