Justice Kennedy rebuffs gay-marriage opponents on Proposition 8 appeal

California’s gay-marriage opponents got let down by the Supreme Court again.

After Wednesday’s decision was announced that they lacked standing to have a court uphold the referendum that banned gay marriage, supporters of the referendum known as Proposition 8, are awaiting a response to an appeal they filed Saturday to keep gay marriages on hold.

gaymarriageAccording to the Washington Examiner, lawyers for Prop 8 supporters asked Justice Anthony Kennedy, who supervises the 9th U.S. Circuit that oversees California, to intervene against the federal appeals’ court decision that said gay marriages could begin immediately.

On Sunday, according to a Reuters report, Kennedy turned them down.

Wednesday’s ruling gave Prop 8 supporters 25 days to ask for a re-hearing of the case and the group was in the process of deciding whether to do so, the Examiner reported.

However, on Friday, the famously liberal 9th Circuit – the most overturned circuit in the country – gave the go-ahead for gay marriages to start at once, the Examiner reported.

Kennedy was a dissenter in Wednesday’s ruling, but his decision Sunday appeared to mean the case is finished.

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