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Fla. atheists unveil monument, call Ten Commandments barbaric lies

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So the Ten Commandments are barbaric lies?

That’s the message from the president of an atheist group that unveiled a secular “monument” – it’s really just a bench – in the Bradford County Courthouse Square in Starke, Fla., on Saturday.

tencommandmentsThe bench is part of a settlement reached by the county and the group American Atheists, which took issue with the Ten Commandments monument erected by  the Community Men’s Fellowship last year, according to the Florida Times-Union.

American Atheists  President David Silverman said at Saturday’s ceremony that the group intends to put up more of its own monuments to counter religious displays in America’s public places. He asked atheists around the country to contact his group if they are offended by such moralistic nonsense as “thou shalt not kill” and “thou shalt not steal.”

“American Atheists will work with them to ensure truth is placed next to the lies, civility next to barbarism,” he said in the Times-Union report.

So one of the foundational elements of Western civilization is a package of “lies,” and publicly insulting the faith of one’s fellow countrymen is the essence of “civility.” Only in the atheist universe.

According the Times-Union, the atheists’ bench includes statements from America’s Founding Fathers “and the penalties for violating each of the biblical commandments that are displayed a few feet away.”

That’s interesting, since there aren’t any penalties attached to the Ten Commandments in the  Exodus account. So these truth-loving atheists are cherry picking their quotes from elsewhere in the Old Testament and twisting the purpose of the Ten Commandments monument to make a flawed point.

In the Times-Union report, the atheists in the crowd said they were there to stand for the principle of separation of church and state.

It sounds like they’re just practicing politics as usual – with lies.


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