Expect more American deaths as Egyptians blame Obama for mess


The president’s lackadaisical foreign policy has placed the United States in the center of a firestorm that has already taken one American life, and has the potential of taking many more before it’s over.

Anti-Morsi protesters took to the streets again Sunday to express their hatred and contempt for both the Muslim Brotherhood-backed Egyptian government and President Obama, according to The Washington Free Beacon.

Protests in Cairo’s historic Tahrir Square began at least as early as January, when a demonstrator was photographed carrying a sign that read, “Obama you jerk, Muslim Brotherhoods are killing the Egyptians.”

The protesters’ beef with the president is his continued financial and military aid given to Egypt, despite the change in Egyptian leadership.

Although the protests started out rather mild, they’ve recently escalated in violence, resulting in hundreds of people injured and seven dead, including an American student, according to the Voice of America.

“We are very critical of the Obama administration because they have been supporting the Brotherhood like no one has ever supported them,” Shadi Al Ghazali Harb, a 24-year-old member of Egypt’s Revolutionary Youth Coalition, told the Washington Free Beacon on Friday during a telephone interview from Cairo.

The Obama administration is “the main supporter of the Brotherhood,” he said. “If it wasn’t for the American support this president would have fallen months ago.”

As the violence escalates, so does the administration’s support for the Morsi regime. Earlier this month, it was announced that 400 American troops will be heading to Egypt on a peacekeeping mission to help quell the protests.

The president isn’t the only American the demonstrators blame. They also direct their rants and chants at Anne Patterson, the U.S. ambassador to Egypt.

Al Ghazali Harb called the ambassador “the first enemy of the revolution,” claiming “she is hated even more than Morsi.”

“She’s done a lot to harm our relations with the United States,” Al Ghazali Harb added.

Al Ghazali Harb noted that the Sunday demonstrations, expected to reach a million participants, even attracted the support of those who voted for Morsi.

“We’re treating the Brotherhood as an occupation,” he said, noting that nearly 20 million Egyptians have signed an anti-Morsi petition. “Our whole country is at stake.”

And this is where we’re sending our troops? Four hundred versus millions?

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