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Activist leaders arrested for marching in a ‘Muslim area’

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TommyRobinsonTwo English Defence League leaders have been arrested in London as they marched in an area near where a British soldier was hacked to death in broad daylight by two Muslim extremists.

Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll planned to lay flowers in memory of the soldier, Drummer Lee Rigby, and were walking to raise money for a young girl fighting cancer in an event that was previously announced.

Incredibly, Robinson, who was a guest on the “The O’Reilly Factor” recently, was assaulted by two men identified as Muslims in full view of police who were accompanying the EDL leaders. The police did not appear to take any action against the men who hit him, but did arrest Robinson and Carroll.

“You are enforcing Sharia law”, Tommy Robinson shouted at officers just before he was handcuffed.

As reported by Sky News, the EDL leaders had been warned not to go past a large mosque in east London or enter a nearby borough and were arrested as they approached the boundary of that borough.

At the start of the walk, Robinson said: “They’re (police) saying it is a Muslim area but to me there is no Muslim area, there are just areas of my capital city that if I have to walk from A to B then you have to walk through.”

Police were concerned that the march would result in “serious public disorder.”

Tom Tillison


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