Sanctimonious Obama rebuffed by African president on gay rights

Obama in Senegal

President Obama and Senegal President Macky Sall
Photo Credit: The Daily Caller

President Obama got off to an awkward start in Africa where he urged tolerance and equal rights for gays and lesbians in a country where homosexuality is a crime, in some places, punishable by death.

Shortly after arriving in Senegal, Obama praised the Supreme Court’s new rulings on same-sex marriage and asked African leaders to treat people fairly and equally.

But, Senegal President Macky Sall quickly rebuffed the suggestion, saying his country does not share the same views as Obama and America and that Senegal is “still not ready to decriminalize homosexuality,” the Washington Post reported.

According to the Post, which reported a transcript of the president’s remarks on the same-sex rulings, Obama said in part:

The issue of gays and lesbians, and how they’re treated, has come up and has been controversial in many parts of Africa. So I want the African people just to hear what I believe, and that is that every country, every group of people, every religion have different customs, different traditions. And when it comes to people’s personal views and their religious faith, et cetera, I think we have to respect the diversity of views that are there.

Every world religion has this basic notion that is embodied in the Golden Rule — treat people the way you want to be treated. And I think that applies here as well.

The Daily Caller reported some interesting statistics on Senegal: “97 percent of Senegalese citizens consider homosexuality taboo,” and it is a “95 percent Muslim country and a sexually conservative and patriarchal nation.”

To that end, Sall defended Senegal’s values and laws.

“These issues are all societal issues basically, and we cannot have a standard model which is applicable to all nations, all countries — you said it, we all have different cultures,” The Daily Caller reported Sall answered. “We have different religions. We have different traditions. And even in countries where this has been decriminalized and homosexual marriage is allowed, people don’t share the same views.”

More from the Washington Post and The Daily Caller.


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36 thoughts on “Sanctimonious Obama rebuffed by African president on gay rights

  1. Dora says:

    Tell all of it Bizpac!! Tell how Trash was dumped at airport for arrival of Obama, how they had a demonstration against obamas being in Africa! Show Clare Daly's (Ireland) speech as well as Laurent Louis's (Belgium)speech! Show how all of the countries are frowning & fighting against all that Obama is doing!! Watch these & write them & "Thank" them! These are progressive people that are speaking on behalf of the U.S.A!! And here we are…stuck front & center!! I choose to be on the fighting side which would be the conservatives with the big mouths called the "Tea Party" movement! At least we will & can make a difference!! They say we are more feared than the "Terrorists" although all we are, are everyday ordinary people fighting for our rights and 'OUR COUNTRY"!! Why else would IRS pick out conservatives to audit & hold back on applications! We would have made a difference!! I notice back than how quiet the Tea Party movement was during elections in 2012!Join "IMPEACH" overpass rallies to be held in July & August! I would much rather have this president imprisoned for TREASON but this is a start to making Congress see that we know they are Spineless & that they are very transparent in having no spine as well as balls!!

  2. Tom Lewis says:

    Nature and Natures God will cause Same Sex Marriage to Fail, just like the USSR Failed, just like Liberation Theology Failed, just like Obama's economy has Failed. Everything the promoters of the "Brave New World" promote, Fails because it cannot be sustained by Nature and Natures God. Obama's has no religion, the people in Africa who demonstrated to Obama that he is "Nothing but Trash" indicated that he is neither Christian nor Muslim, but merely a front man for a Failed Politically Progressive idea that no one wants.

  3. Tom Lewis says:

    He is trouble every where he goes, cause he has a mouth that is not connected to anything realistic that promotes the good that he should have as the so-called man of God that he claims to be. Which he isn't.

  4. Tom Lewis says:

    Being a homosexual is a lifestyle choice that you are NOT born with. If you are unfamiliar with the Studies on Twins done recently in Australia, its because you have believe this terrible lie. Having sex out of Natures designs is a sin against God, oneself and the person who has it with you. There is nothing in Genesis that states that people are born with a predisposition. If you can prove it show it, I know that you can't.

  5. Tom Lewis says:

    What Gay men say, and what is scientific evidence that its not something that you are born with are two different things. A mother of a thief may claim that her son is innocent, that does not make it so. Thinking from a subjective sentiment does not make you an intelligent being. One must study to become intelligent. The sentiment of belief in ones origins does not prove the truth or facts of reality.

  6. Barry G says:

    Not much for you to defend aye Doug? So trolling is your career?

  7. Patrick Wemitt says:


    Can you give me the site for additional information about the trash etc.? Clare Daly should be in our congress; at least she has a spine!



  8. Jim says:

    There is plenty of scientific evidence supporting a predisposition to being gay, it appears to be a predisposition , and is probably both nurture & nature, as not all twins are both gay, but they are more likely to be than non twin siblings. Left handedness is not a choice either, in the past teachers would force a child to use the right hand (steer them in the right direction) well now it is known that it can cause the child to develop a stutter, so that is not done anymore. Gluttony is a sin also, but research has shown if the mother over eats during pregnancy, her eating habits will be programed into her child's brain. Being gay can happen in any family , you could have a gay child, grandchild, nephew, why would want to see these people have less than other people for something they can't change. Jim

  9. Michael says:

    Africa has more problems than gay rights. Maybe the Pres didn't notice.

  10. Greg Stratman says:

    This is the issue he chose to bring up on this trip!!??!!

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