Rasmussen: Obama supporters fear tea party more than radical muslims


In a remarkable finding that may say more about supporters of President Obama than anything, a national telephone survey shows that Obama’s most avid backers consider the tea party to be as big a danger to the nation as radical Muslims.

A new Rasmussen Reports survey released on Thursday shows that 51 percent of “Likely U.S. Voters” consider radical Muslims to be a bigger threat to the United States today, with 13 percent saying the tea party is the bigger threat.

However, Rasmussen said that voters who “Strongly Approve” of Obama fear the tea party more than radical Muslims. Of those who “Approve,” 29 percent saw radical Muslims as the bigger threat, compared to 26 percent who said it was the tea party.

Never mind that there has not been one arrest at the thousands of tea party gatherings across America over the past four years, with millions of activists participating.

Ironically, despite rioting and setting fires in the streets of some cites, only two percent of voters saw the Occupy Wall Street movement as the bigger terrorist threat.

Incredibly, the results show that even though the Occupy movement targeted the “one percent”, upper income Americans saw the tea party as the bigger threat — 21 percent of those who earn six-figure incomes said the tea party, while just two percent said Occupy.

All of which reflects on how uninformed many are in this country, although it ‘s an even greater indication of the power of the press.

With much of the media working hand in hand with the Democratic Party to attack the tea party “brand,” the effects on a gullible population are clear to see.

In demonizing those who make up the tea party and distorting the truth at every opportunity, to include false charges of racism, the end result is propaganda at its best. Results that help explain how IRS agents might justify their actions in unfairly targeting and penalizing tea party groups.

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Tom Tillison


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