Hollywood figures out it’s stuck with Obamacare, too

The airhead stars with the Malibu mansions might dig Obamacare enough to sell it to the rest of us schmucks, but the Hollywood money guys who have to make payroll are expecting a nightmare.

Just figuring out who has to pay for what kind of health coverage in the fluid world of entertainment production will be tough, entertainment executives told the Hollywood Reporter.

obamahollywood“It’s a morass of regulations and requirements, and everyone’s trying to figure out what their exposure is,” one executive told the paper. The Affordable Care Act “is thousands of pages, and it wasn’t written with this industry in mind.”

“It’s going to be a very big deal,” said another.

Some of the unintended consequences of the law could be more television production moving outside the country and shorter production times inside the U.S to avoid having employees qualify for coverage under the law, according to Hollywood Reporter.

Does the real world really care what problems Obamacare might be causing in La-La Land?

Maybe not, but the Hollywood Reporter story is coming only a day after reports that the White House is going to be looking for celebrities from the sports and entertainment worlds to try to make the law popular among a population that polls show hates it more every day.

So when the White House ads start airing and you see some airhead talking about how great Obamacare is, remember the guys – and ladies – holding the cameras are getting screwed by the law, too.

It won’t ever make Hollywood Republican, but it’s a start.

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