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British ban on blogger Pamela Geller sparks outrage, online petition

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This is the country that gave the world Winston Churchill?

A British ban on American blogger and activist Pamela Geller and her colleague Robert Spencer from visiting the United Kingdom to speak at a rally this weekend has sparked news coverage in the United States and Europe and led to an online petition asking the British Home Secretary’s Office to reverse the decision.

pamelagellerThe British informed Geller in a letter she posted Wednesday on her website, Atlas Shrugs, that she would not be allowed into the country because her warnings against creeping Islamicization of Western societies allegedly incite violence.

Atlas Shrugs  lists coverage in numerous major news outlets of the Home Secretary’s decision, including an Associated Press story in the Washington Post and a staff-written story in USA Today. Surprisingly — or maybe not so surprisingly – the New York Times online edition isn’t covering the story.

The website also includes a link to the petition.

The British government’s position is chilling to anyone who believes in free speech. It’s particularly chilling coming from a country that should understand the difference between ideas it’s afraid “foster hatred that might lead to inter-community violence” and real inter-community violence.

It’s also worth wondering exactly whose hatred and community violence the British are afraid of. Is it Geller’s fans they’re worried about? Or, say, guys who holler “Allahu Akbar” and butcher wounded soldiers on the street in broad daylight, then brag about it on camera?

American conservatives were disgusted when President Obama gave a bust of Churchill back to England when he first took office.

Can anything give England back Churchill’s guts?


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