White House recruiting celebrities to make Obamacare cool

Are rehabs covered?

Fresh off word that the Department of Health and Human Services is planning to put a damper on the football season by using the NFL to promote the Obamacare cause, The Hill is reporting that the White House is in the market for celebrity endorsements to lure young people into making the “voluntary” payments it will need to work at all.

beyonceIt wants to make an insurance card “cool.”

And a guy who partied with A-listers in Vegas while the ashes were still smoking at the ruins of the American consulate in Benghazi in September should have plenty of Hollywood help to call in the kids.

Beyoncé all but took on the first lady’s ‘Let’s Move!’ platform,” one former administration official says in The Hill article (possibly referring to the singer’s soft-core porn performance during this year’s Super Bowl.)

“So imagine the pull Obama will have to sell health care. Maybe Jay-Z will even help out.”

And there’s a lot at stake. If young, healthy people don’t fork over money they probably can’t spare for something they probably don’t want or need, the whole house of cards is in trouble.

DHHS now has fewer than 100 days before the sign-up period begins for health-insurance exchanges across the country. Coverage for those who sign up is scheduled to begin Jan. 1 – if it happens at all.

“Without participation from that demographic, the new insurance exchanges will stumble out of the gate as older, sicker patients enroll,” The Hill reports “Younger, healthier people are needed to keep premium prices from skyrocketing.”

So, here’s one more thing to think about in the final 99 days before the Obamacare. On top of incessant, inane news reports for the rest of the summer, and eat-your-peas pronouncements during NFL the halftime reports this fall, we might have someone like Justin Timberlake shilling for Obamacare during primetime.

If only Michael Jackson were still around.

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