Phony ‘disabled’ vet gets destroyed by wounded woman warrior

duckworthA Congressional witness claiming to be a disabled veteran for a sprained ankle he allegedly sustained almost 30 years ago, walked into a human buzz saw when confronted with Rep. Tammy Duckworth, who lost both her legs and severely injured her right arm during her service in the Iraq War.

Braulio Castillo appeared before the House Committee for Oversight and Government Reform Wednesday. He’s alleged to have “defrauded the government for millions of dollars in aid and federal incentives by claiming to be an injured veteran,” according to Business Insider.

Castollo is receiving 30 percent disability for a sprained ankle, which occurred in 1984, from the Veterans Affairs Administration without having served a single day on active duty. Given his lack of service and the Illinois Democratic lawmaker’s honorable service, she was the last person he wanted to lock horns with.

Despite sitting on opposite sides of the isle, committee Chairman Darrell Issa, R-Calif., was obviously enjoying the exchange — he allowed her to go far beyond her allotted time with nary a discouraging word.

“Do you feel that the 30 percent rating that you have received for your scars and the pain in your foot is accurate to the sacrifices you have made for this nation,” Duckworth sweetly asked.

“Yes ma’am, I do,” Castillo replied.

Oh, oh. Castillo never saw what was coming until it was too late.

“You know, my right arm was essentially blown off and reattached. I spent a year in limb salvage with over a dozen surgeries over that time period. In fact, we thought we would lose my arm, and I’m still in danger of possibly losing my arm. I can’t feel it, I can’t feel my three fingers. My disability rating for that arm is 20 percent.”

In contrast, Business Insider’s Brian Jones noted:

Castillo attended a prep school affiliated with West Point Military academy for one year in 1984. After he sprained his ankle in training, he dropped out. He later enjoyed a career as a college quarterback at San Diego State University.

He went 27 years without claiming any benefits affiliated with his military service, until his company acquired a company called Signet Computers and he sought a government contract.

Castillo wrote the following email to a VA examiner knowing that having a service connected disability would have helped him to secure the contract:

My family and I have made considerable sacrifices for our country. My service connected disability status should serve as a testimony to that end. I can’t play with my kids because I can’t walk without pain. I take twice daily pain medication so I can work a normal day’s worth. These are crosses that I bear due to my service to our great country. I would do it again to protect this great country. Part of my reasoning for my line of work is that I can continue to support the US federal government. My ask is that you certify me, my company, so that my sacrifices and investments are for not [sic] and that I can provide for my family.

After Castillo confirmed that his foot continued to hurt, Duckworth told him about her own feet.

“My feet hurt too,” she began. “In fact, the balls of my feet burn continuously and I feel like there’s a nail being hammered into my right heel right now. So … I’m sorry twisting your ankle in high school has come back to hurt you in such a painful way.”

Watch the full exchange below.


195 thoughts on “Phony ‘disabled’ vet gets destroyed by wounded woman warrior

  1. Who cares what political party she belongs to, she SERVED her COUNTRY, something that a lot of politicians managed to avoid.

  2. Stacey van adder says:

    I was very pleasantly surprised to see a war hero who was a democrat (most just send others to do their fighting for them) with such integrity. Mrs. Tammy Duckworth is a true example of what is great about our country. A wounded veteran with so many physical problems, instead of giving up which is what many lesser people would have done, she went on to continue to serve her country as a Congresswoman. She is an inspiration to us all. I cannot begin to imagine what went through her mind when she, a patriot of the first order, encountered this unimaginable bastard. While it must have been exceedingly difficult for her to hold her temper with such a lowlife that he would actually lie about his "war injury," possibly taking away money from REAL heroes to establish his business, she conducted herself as a true lady and a hero, someone everyone can be proud of. I would definitely stand by THIS democrat. As for this liar, malingering piece of trash, hell is too good for him. God Bless Tammy Duckworth!!

  3. kumlama says:

    No matter if some one searches for his vital thing, so he/she wants to

    be available that in detail, therefore that thing is maintained over here.

  4. Frank Oshinski says:

    It does not matter what party she be longs too.The point she is make is that , this son of a bitch is saying ,He was injured in Armed Forces and getting VA benefits.That is CRAP !!!!

  5. C Breeze says:

    No, She's a Democrat, but one with common sense exercising logic and reason. "Mr" Castillo should have been dragged out of his seat, and that Chamber, by the scruff of his neck. indicted, prosecuted and incarcerated "in the name of EVERY veteran who ever served America since this country's inception".

  6. Vincent Sterzer says:

    Hello, and thank you Ms. Duckworth, we need more people like you in office.

    I am a Navy Veteran an no I claim no disabled sorts, nor do I need to. I do however have other veteran friends that have viable disabilities and find that this puke/cull should be, well treated as a traitor. The likes of him and others that exercise these atrocities to those faithful to this country and it's FLAG!!! should face death penalty.

    Oh, lest I forget, our POS president is another, too bad he can't recognize My Country's Flag, since it holds more Honor than he ever will.

    With people like this, our Great Nation will continue in this spiral going down, it is saddening and heartbreaking, when one looks through our history and can see all those who have truly sacrificed to keep our freedoms in place, only for others to take advantage of the good set forth for those who deserve it…

  7. Ellep says:

    Bravo Congresswoman Duckworth. You were a little too easy on him, however. He should be in jail.

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