Jeb gets all up in New York’s fracking business

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush seemed to publicly give New York Governor Andrew Cuomo a hard time Tuesday night for failing to approve fracking in upstate New York.

Bush was an invited speaker at New York Conservative Party’s annual fund-raising dinner held in Midtown, where he offered his opinion on the important issue Cuomo has been skirting around. Bush hailed hydraulic fracking of natural gas as one of our country’s great energy innovations, according to the NY Post.

“We should be celebrating this phenomenal achievement,” said the former Florida governor, who is believed to be considering a GOP presidential run.

He said fracking can be done safely and “create economic activity for all sorts of people who don’t live in Manhattan.”

Cuomo has delayed issuing a fracking ruling, insisting more scientific study is needed.

Kudos to Bush for speaking his mind. No word on Cuomo’s response, but I imagine it was something like, “mind your own fracking business, Jeb.”

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Michele Kirk


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