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TV host lets loose: Gov’t couldn’t find human centipede if mouth was sewn to its . . .

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John Oliver is guest hosting the Comedy Channel’s “The Daily Show” while Jon Stewart is on a three-month hiatus directing a movie, and Monday night he tackled the “Where is Edward Snowden” fiasco. In the process, he managed to take hilarious swipes at both the media and the U.S. government.

Snowden is the former National Security Agency contractor who disclosed government secrets involving snooping by the NSA.

“When we last checked in, he [Snowden] was in Hong Kong, with whom we have an extradition treaty.” noted Oliver, according to Mediaite.

Notwithstanding the treaty, Oliver observed that Hong Kong authorities stopped returning our phone calls, turning the most powerful nation on earth into the “sad ex-boyfriend.”

Oliver then noted that after Snowden went on the move, presumably flying to Moscow, journalists began speculating as to Snowden’s whereabouts. Did he in fact go to Moscow? Did he leave Moscow for Cuba? “Stop guessing!” he pleads.

“News is not a game show. You do not win a car if you happen to be right.”

Oliver saved his sharpest barbs for the federal government:

This is either incredibly embarrassing for the U.S. government or the most brilliant thing they could possibly do. Because for a while there, Edward Snowden had me believing that the U.S. government was all-seeing, all-knowing, and all-powerful. But after this weekend, they’ve got me even more convinced that they couldn’t find the front of a human centipede if their mouth was sewn to its ass.

H/T Mediaite and watch the clip below.


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