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Principal threatens suicide vest to blow up staff, not even reprimanded

Bronx Principal
Bronx Principal Neifi Juan Acosta
Photo Credit: NY Daily News

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What a hypocritical double standard that little children are suspended for simply saying the word “gun” at school, but a crazy principal who threatens to don a suicide vest and blow up the staff remains undisciplined and on the job.

Principal Neifi Juan Acosta from the Bronx Intermediate School 232 is well known for his fiery temper and Biblical-themed rants, but he went completely berserk in a Nov. 2 meeting with staff, according to the NY Daily News.

Acosta was angry with the faculty and drew a “cross and other religious pictures on a white board” at the beginning of the meeting one of the teachers, Kimberly Moran, reported.

“He drew a throne and said it was ‘God’s throne,’ and said we were putting ourselves in ‘God’s seat,’” she told the paper.

Another teacher reported Acosta then threatened:

I know what I’ll do, I’ll call a conference in the cafeteria, and I’ll put on a vest like the terrorists do and I’m going to blow you all up.

Oh yes, numerous complaints were filed by several of the teachers, including with the New York Police Department who determined, amazingly, the threat wasn’t a terroristic threat.

However, the Department of Education didn’t start its investigation until January, the report said. And while the investigation was underway, “Acosta has taken to placing large, laminated posters with Biblical quotes outside the classrooms of faculty being called in to speak with investigators, teachers said,” according to the article.

Now, months later, while elementary school children across the country are being suspended for biting a Pop Tart into a gun shape, for bringing a tiny plastic LEGO gun on the bus, for simply saying the word “gun” in the schoolyard, Acosta has never been disciplined, has never been suspended, let alone fired from his position, according to Dave Jolly from Political Outcast.

“Such investigations often take up to three years to conclude. Acosta is unlikely to be removed while it’s ongoing unless he’s deemed an immediate safety threat, according to the Department of Education,” the Daily News said.


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