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New wave crashes down on Rubio after Palin’s ‘flip-flop’ tweet

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U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio understood he was taking considerable risk by putting his name on the immigration reform bill currently being crafted by the so-called “Gang of Eight.”

He expected to alienate some conservatives, but did he anticipate Sarah Palin to be among them?

The former Republican governor of Alaska took to Twitter on Sunday to call Rubio out for his “flip-flopon immigration reform.

As noted by Twitchy, Palin’s tweet links to a story from TownHall.com detailing Rubio’s “flip-flop” over amnesty for illegal immigrants, based on comments — see video below — he made while campaigning for his current seat:

During a debate with opponents Rep. Kendrick Meek and Gov. Charlie Crist, candidate Rubio argued that giving illegal immigrants an “earned path to citizenship,” which Crist, Sen. John McCain and former President George W. Bush had advocated, is basically amnesty.

Rubio, who won that 2010 election, is now the leading Republican in the U.S. Congress pushing for illegal aliens to be given the earned path to citizenship that he himself insisted was “code for amnesty” only three years ago.

A new wave of criticism crashed down upon Rubio after Palin’s tweet Sunday, coming in the wake of the beating he endured last week after an immigration rally held on Capitol Hill by fellow Republican lawmakers.

Speaking of waves, it’s beginning to look as if the tide has turned on Rubio on immigration reform.

Tom Tillison


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